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Guide to Tokyo: The Best Places to Eat, Stay and Explore

4 minute read 22 February 2024
People walking in Shibuya  shopping district.
Written by: Gilbert Ott

If Tokyo or Japan is atop your bucket list, these last few years may have felt even longer than usual. Japan was among the last countries to fully reopen and even when it did, ways to get there remained very limited. Brush that off and fuggedaboutit, as they say! 

Japan is always en vogue, flights are back and points availability is too, so it’s time to say konichiwa to Japan, and we’ve got all the tips to get you there and to make your time in Tokyo unforgettable with this city guide. to a great Tokyo hotel

As a key business hub, major hotel programs thrive in Tokyo with points or cash prices for all tastes. World Of Hyatt fans will love the Andaz. Marriott Bonvoy – you can’t go wrong with the Edition, Prince Gallery, Westin and Mesm. And – Hilton – the Conrad, ain’t shabby either!

For something fun and different though, the Trunk Hotel is a fabulous and eclectic experience with a more local focus, and it’s right next to the shops of Jingumae. to a great Tokyo bar

For tastes you’ll only find in Japan, with eccentricity out of a Wes Anderson movie, Bar High Five is a true delight. For a taste of this majestic city, the cherry blossom, shiso, gin and lemon cocktail is unforgettable. If you can’t get a seat, Bar Benfiddich remains one of the world’s 50 best! to a great Tokyo meal

For breakfast, you can’t miss Breadworks Omotesando. France has the pastry hype, but this Tokyo establishment challenges that big time. People line up! For dinner, Tonkatsu Hasegawa takes katsu to another level, Sushi Yuu is divine for an expensive “Omg” omakase experience and Kikanbo is the inexpensive ramen meal you’ll never forget, which will fill you for a full day! to Tokyo Disney Resort

Arguably the snazziest Disney resort, don’t forget Tokyo Disney Resort as a fun family alternative to the US parks. While Disneyland and Disney World USA ticket prices have increased substantially, you can experience the Tokyo Disney Resort for less than half the daily cost. Go experience the joy of Disney in Tokyo! to an amazing Tokyo award flight booking continues to serve up the rewards heat, so let’s dig into a fabulous award booking to Tokyo found using our self-serve tool! PS — don’t forget to check Explore too! 

How about $6,640 worth of flights for 142K points and $11? 

This month’s amazing award booking highlights the value of having a diverse points arsenal, as well as Raimee being able to book Singapore Airline’s business class to Japan. Let’s break it down from Los Angeles to Tokyo (and back to LAX). 

Airline Booked: Singapore Airlines and Delta

Class of Service: Economy and Business Class

Points Used: Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards

Total Points Used: 142,000 vs Retail Value: $6,640

Interested in Economy only? This same trip would drop down to 77,500 points roundtrip. Let our self-serve tool do the heavy lifting so you can focus on enjoying Japan.

Here’s to your trip to Tokyo, Raimee! to a great Tokyo travel tip

A surprising number of Tokyo spots remain cash only. With no sign of that changing any time soon, you’ll want to make the most of your cash withdrawals. And here comes the tip: take money out at the airport. Many ATM machines in Tokyo don’t recognize US cards (you’ll need to find a Post Office or 7/11), but airport machines very much do. Take out all you need in one go, particularly with a no fee ATM card.

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