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Guide to Paris: The Best Places to Eat, Stay and Explore

3 minute read 22 February 2024
It is very beautiful Eiffel tower in Paris.
Written by: Gilbert Ott

Who said it first is up for debate, but the fact is – Paris is always a good idea. 

That’s an evergreen truth, but we’re hogging your internet about this inimitably charming city today because there’s an event that only comes once every four years headed to Paris and now is actually the perfect time to plan. 

Yep! Flights schedules and hotel windows are open for the summer of 2024 and if you plan now, you may be able to let points do all the work for your dreams of visiting the Olympic Games. If you’re looking to go later, even easier!

These tried and tested Paris tips are gold medal winners any time of year, so even if you won’t be visiting for the games, put these to use and run a search to Paris! France, that is! to a great Paris hotel

A lovely thing about Paris is you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out by wanting to use points or stay brand loyal. Each hotel group has points hotels at all price points.

Staying aspirational, Marriott’s Prince De Galles Luxury Collection, or Hyatt’s Park Hyatt Vendome won’t disappoint. For the artsy, the Hoxton Paris is great. For those seeking more space, Sweet Inn is a great apartment style option. to a great Paris meal

It’s Paris, so this isn’t a problem!

If you love Europe meets Eastern mediterranean, Liza is scrumptious. For steak, L’entrecote is sadly worth the wait and hype and Libertino is a European delight. Never hesitate to grab the “formule” prix-fixe menu anywhere that looks buzzy though. Wandering and discovering is what Paris is all about. to a great Paris bar

For coffee, Cafe Nuances. Oh, but if we’re talking tipples, Le Syndicat and Danico are top top choices. Since it’s Paris and wine is kind of a thing here, Déviant, Bilili or Septime la Cave are musts for any oenophiles! to a great Paris travel tip

people complain about Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport, but since availability directly into CDG may be tricky around the Olympics, don’t forget about Orly, the other (closer) Paris airport and the many connections it has to other European cities which may have plenty of flight options! to great Paris flights

Remember that one of the most crucial elements of your trip is finding the perfect flight. With’s search tool, you can easily book your flight using credit card points, leaving you with plenty of cash to fully enjoy all that Paris has to offer. Start searching for your perfect flight today. Bon voyage, and here’s to unforgettable experiences in the City of Light!

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